March 27, 2013

Tough Year

Hello again everbodeeeeh! This is my first post after my blog template officially changed hehehe. I am coming with a very late story about my happiest moment on March 2013. Well, what is that? Yeeeees, I already past my Proposal Day. Finally I post about my own test day :))

My test scheduled start at 01.00pm until 03.00pm, according to previous test as always but something happened. My "pembimbing" didn't come. That moment really freaking me out because I thought my test will be canceled. Fortunately, after wait for two more hours he comes with a big smile. My test finished at 05.00pm.

One day before the day, I was scared about the questions which will appear. I tried to calm my self down so I decided to pray then sleep with one song "Carry On" from FUN. Alhamdulillah, my test completed well :)

I feel greatful about my test because it taught me a lot things. First, it taught me the meaning of patience also the power of "Keep Calm and Carry On".

Thank God, Thank's All.

Thank's a bunch for the super support CURE 09. As the name, you had cured my panic well. Thank's for wait until the test was over, I know I can count on you :*

Thank's a lot for Jasper and Lois. You miles away from me but I could feel your hug and warm support. I love you. Paws Up!

Also, thank you so much Aditia. I know you always there for me even in distance. I love you.

And thank's a lot you all for stop by, wish me a very best luck so I can do my thesis well and past my tough year. *bear hug*

XOXO, Widya...


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