March 10, 2013

Finish Line

One upon a time, there is an Aircraft Captain had recently been appointed to running an incredible journey.
He will bring a large aircraft filled with a lot of passengers which had different needs. First task was The Captain should be able to fulfill all the passengers needs during the flight and landed safely.

To help The Captain in his journey, he had given right to choose his own cabin crew that he considers himself  capable to accompany him, solicited or unsolicited, to be ready physically and mentally. That afternoon, The Captain came with a smile, entered the room with his head high, holding a piece of paper in his hand about the list of cabin crew names who had entrusted him to accompany his journey over a year ahead.

The journey begins. Month by month passed, the flight filled of excitement and laughter. One by one responsibilities resolved. Some of passengers happy, some still need more. Following months, the aircraft began to shake. Crashing the storms. One per one cabin crew hurts, being scrapes, sore and often crying. Until some cabin crew gave up and decided to not continue the journey to the end. While others remained, holding hands, though scratches continues and complaints couldn't stop shouted. The Captain was at cockpit, noticed the struggle that still retained by cabin crew, and occasionally gave his spirit to his crew to survive. "We will landed soon, hang on!", said The Captain.

Came one day, The Captain and cabin crew on their final landing. When the doors open, the wounds have healed gradually, see a smile and received a warm hug from the passengers was the best cured. The Captain and cabin crew knew, the journey yesterday was not as smooth as expected by everyone. That should be a big homework for the new Captain and Cabin Crew on their own journey to fix it all.

But all the efforts that have been made should be our pride. Someday.

I dedicate this post to the my  flight crew, KOSMIK - Period 2012-2013.

A bunch thank's to The Aircraft Captain, Anwar Marzuki, for the trust given to me. I apologize for any behavior that was not acceptable during the flight and all the complaints. You remain as The Best Captain I've ever flown with.

To all the Cabin Crew, that I love. A lot of thank's for the laughter and sadness that we've shared. The one that never let my hands apart when the aircraft shakes through the storm and hugs me when I get down. I am sorry for the imperfections that I have had personally. I really don't care about all the people's scorns. You guys are amazing!

That night when the plane landed, with tears in her eyes, she saw vaguely a lot of people. They staring with smiles, cheering and clapping. Suddenly, she cries more. If she had chance to choose, she will much happier saw the people told the truth, that The Captain and The Cabin Crew was terribly bad. So, mistakes will not repeated again during the flight in the future.


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