March 07, 2013

As Sweet As You

Suddenly I just back to the moment when that should be my last days feel your breath closely. I remember a shiny friday afternoon, we were walking at ACE Hardware Store looking for puppy's stuff. We were not talked as much as usual, only a comfortable in silence.

Down stair after shopping,  right in front of me was a food spot. My eyes couldn't stop sparkling like I found heaven. You know me best, you offered me to buy my favorite corn with extra cheese. At the same day while you wait your Takoyaki, I bought myself Waffel and it dipped in melt chocolate plus sprinkled with chocochips.

Ah! It's a sweet day. Sweet as your smile. Sweet as you holding my hand. Sweet as you staring at me. Sweet as you wish me to stay  even longer. Sweet as I know you love me.

I missed those food, I just don't know how could I told the story about eating an usual corn and waffel becoming a very romantic story like this.

Oh, well I'm in Love.

XOXO, Widya..


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