February 21, 2013

Share, As Long As I Still Have Breath

Been in the happiest day of February today. What’s that? Yes, my two dearest Surya Cesaria and Astri Gina Hexana past their Seminar Proposal.  You guys done a great things and raaaaawk the room! Ah, also for Sayed Putra. His relationship status is now LDR because his gf went to KKN place, but it didn’t bother him to past all the questions from “Para Penguji”. Congratulations  guys :D
And me never forget to place my name to wish list of the next Seminar Proposal Candidat. Aaaaah wish me done as soon as possible J

I knew lately, my blog becomes more like recent update for my friends who past their assigment hihi. It's a lovely thing, darling. From blog I learn the beauty of sharing cheer things to everyone. It’s a good way to live happily. 

In real life,family has taught me only a bit about sharing. What give to you, suddenly becomes yours. That’s the hidden habit., at least for my bro/sist. Yet here, when I'm writing my blog or spending time with friends or had a loooong call with Aditia, sharing is a heaven. This is perhaps because I'm a personal mind person, I never complain too much things at home but did it with another. 

I don't know, but personally, blood doesn't give garantee that you'll be comfortable or connect with them. You'll be in a new circle, meet new friends as much as you could, sharing stories and been in same situation that conecting you. The more you sharing, the more you close with them.  In many case I found it, also in mine. 

It's true when this happened to us and family, it will much good. But at last, this world spinning around and someday I will have my own family. I promise my self to fulfill my little warm family with a valuable sharing. I worth to have it.

Anyway, I just told Aditia how happy I am when we were talking on the phone. Thousands miles apart makes this moment a precious one. I also did not forget to tell how much I love him, as long as I still have breath. 

Have a good night, people. 
Spread the love, before it's too late. It's a good thing of sharing :)

XOXO, Widya..


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