February 13, 2013

Rush Hours

My whole day become so tight, no time for stop writing my thesis. I even forgot to eat and sleep late. Buuuuut what makes me happy was I've been discussed with my "pembimbing", I'll collecting some data for last revision to make this research become more interesting to beat! Wish me luck!

And for a good reason about a healty head and heart, I was cutted my hair just like it supposed to be. Thank God my shorty hair is back. Oh so comfy :')

It's also a very loooong day, my another CURE sista past their "Ujian Proposal". Congratulationsssss Titah Mala and Uni, you raaaaawks!

Before I have a relaxing sleep, I would like to send my bear hug and kiss to Aditia. I am so sorry for the mini time I give to you lately. I promise you just until my thesis done. I love you all my heart. Muaaaaaaah :*

XOXO, Widya.


Megi Tristisan said...

selamat ya, hehehehe
salam kenal

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Thank you, salam kenal juga :)

Ace Maxs said...

selamat neng
salam kenal ya ...

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