February 02, 2013

I Ask For Your Hugs

What sucks about long distance relationship is the fact that you can not always reach him when he is all you need. It becomes much harder when I and him get busy ourself, back home, had a little chat, and fall asleep. Most night I dream about him picking me up. Then, we share, we sing, we laugh, even had fight.

Dear, Aditia. I am sorry for being too busy swimming on my thesis, also another big project that sinking me deep. Gosh, I already close to insane!  Sorry for 3 missed calls everytime you called me. Sorry for grumbled too often when my body down.

But right now, I only want a hug. A hug that cure my tiredness until the next day. Your hug. I miss you..

XOXO, Widya...


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