January 07, 2013

I Hate Goodbye

Two weeks spent the whole day with you, I could feel home. And all the memory we shared from eyes open until they closed have no word to explain how happy I am. In every night before I fall asleep, I told God to keep the happiness between myself, you, and our family. 

To be with you, I should fly thousands miles alone. It didn't hard but the fact that we apart that far was the hard feeling to fight when I missing you.

I memorized every word we said, every dream we painted in the sky that we'll be soon in one another hands and never walk alone. Well, I learned a lot that "home" is you. Home is where blissfulness, even anger, unite. I just need to be adjust myself because we'll live a life like it darling. 

Well, I love my new family. So there are three of you that I'll miss a lot! Aditia, Jasper and the new baby girl Lois. 

Last time playing with them before back to reality was the most relaxing afternoon ever.

I feel my heart still left behind in Bandung with all of those great people. I love you but I hate goodbye. 

XOXO, Widya..


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