December 07, 2012


Recently had my facial treatment routine at doctor after seeing my face on mirror, it wrinkly more than usual. I got problems, with s, which is means the problem is not just one but a lot. Lately I feel all the responsibility is on my two shoulders and nobody wants to care. Walking lonely with these heavy burden. I have my friends, to talk to, but still they only could help a bit because none really understand my situations. Even my self don't.

Too much to care makes me slowly kill my self. I do believe I could do it but right now, I on my lowest point,  am powerless, my body, the feeling, heart. They are sick and tired. I need to just sit and relax for a while, but I just don't have time. All things becoming tight.

Oh, gloomy day never good. When you in this kind of situations, lost your power, remember Allah SWT first because you'll never really alone when you with Him. Allah SWT. You forever my savior, the only one I could talk deep to with tears without any doubt. I thank Allah for the strength that I have until today. Alhamdulillah...

Also remember they who still standing besides you and loving you without conditions.

Thank you, Aditia. You are all I need more than you ever imagine. I love you.

Thank you for my two princesses, Uya and Gina, you both the best! Thank you for making me laugh when I'd almost forgotten how to.

Last, of course, thank you, peps. Knowing there are some of you read my blog and wishing me to be strong is the most sweet pray I need.

I never imagine, this part would be this hard. But someone said "If something is get harder it means the way out is shows already in front of you. but, sometimes it hidden behind the fog". I wish I really could reach finish line faster.

A comment far away from Holland.
Okay, thank's for reading this random post. I heart you :*
XOXO, Widya..


Meike Lusye Karolus said...

Ya Oloh, Patrick..maish setia jadi fansmu widy....hihii... strong, masih banyak yg lebih menderita dari kamu :)

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Iya loooh dia jauh-jauh dari Belanda suka sempat likes foto atau komen status hihi :p
Thank you anyway Mei :*

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