December 02, 2012

Christmas Will Coming

First of all, I wanna say that I am a proud Muslim. Yet, it doesnt really matter about what I post here because I only share things I love.

Hi people, it's second day of December already. It means, Christmas will coming! How's your prepare? Have you decorate your Christmas  trees yet or buy some cutes presents? I wonder your sweet cookies too.

I always love when it's time for Christmas, I could see red and glitter things anywhere. Stores selling cute products, dolls, presents, and lights. I really love lights. That's why when a week before Christmas Nite, me like to go around the city's main streets. Try this and you'll see the night shine brighter and flickering, winds become warm like happiness around.

It's Indonesia, so unfortunately I couldn't feel the snowey night which people always said "when it's Christmas and snowy, hugging people around you is the best feeling". Ah, I really wanna feel it for sure. Never mind, really, because this Christmas I will be around Aditia and his family. I will see Christmas night at Bandung. Eventhough I couldn't hugging in snowy night, at least I could be with people I love. That's the best feeling ever.

I found many preparation which my friends share on facebook about Christmas. This one is Doggy Cookies by Kak Mamar and no one shouldn't eat this. Too cute. Supercute!

Oh no, tommorow is the deadline for my papers. Gotta finish it soon.
Good night! Remember MONDAY.
XOXO, Widya :*

p.s :

I had a funny short chat with Aditia. I know, being happy as simple as this :')


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