November 01, 2012

November Rain

First day on November. A beautiful rainy day and I am still sitting on my trainee desk. Second month is about to start! I looking outside many time because I love rain. Rain could give me a warm feeling and a highest inspirations.

Well, there's so much things cross my mind lately and make me confused seeing everything around me. It's like I lost my life purpose. Break the focus to many things that I even don't know the goal is. Okay, this is just too much.

"First step is always the hardest" . I wrote that line on twitter last night. Yeah, start a new thing never that easy. I have to fight myself, fight to my laziness, fight to people who underestimate me and keep my head up, fight for time, and all. This time, I promise my self!

Have a wonderfull rainy afternoon y'all.
XOXO, Widya...


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