November 28, 2012

Learn And Never Stop

It feels I could really see the finish line from here. All my hard work will get payback soon and I am too excited for that, couldn't wait any longer.

Tommorow will be my last day in trainee. Hip hip horaaaay!! Two months past with unpredictable situations that happened. Yesterday, after hibernated at home for such a long time, I went back to trainee office. Kinda miss that place actually because their properties have nice colour, its pale yellow.
I didn't expect that people ask me all day long with same question, like "Hi, Widya! Where have you been?" or "How are you, Widya? Long time no see". I am happy listen for those question because as a trainee student, become the attention at office for good reason feels like "Okay. Thank GOD, they care!!". That's the happiest moment for trainee student, I admit.

Yet, I perhaps couldn't make the end as good as the beginning. I duno, but it feels like office became tense. They "faking" each other, not only one or two but whole office. Lips could lie but eyes couldn't, so yes that's what I see. Someone ever said to me "if you are inside room full with fake smile, leave!" because the situation will make your mind sick. This is why I feel lucky, my fight finally find its end in very soon time. I'll leaving.

Still, I should thanked people which gimme this opportunities to learn. Being a good worker never that easy, I understand. We have to start from zero, make a lot of friends is better than be a backstabber, enjoy the work, happy for others, be your self, learn and learn and learn and never stop.

This all will be my long notes ahead, welcoming future a little more. Notes for Mahasiswa Tingkat Akhir :)

Oh by the way, today I already past my final test for Case Study of Public Relations Class . I was act as Director Public Relations of Reseach In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry  Feel soooo free now! Waiting for this class from 2nd semester, making presentation until 3 a.m and it ends good. Alhamdulillah..

And today, I thank Allah because I still have breath to feel all good things and finally listen Aditia's voice after long time busy each other.

Little things always count when it's all about you, darling. Sweet old song from Seconhand Serenade with Fall For You repeat in my head. Thank you, Aditia. You know I love you :*

Let's have some good rest. Muach!
XOXO, Widya...


TheSuperman said...

Some great things from ur writing above :
1. If u r in a room with fake smile, leave!
2. Never stop learn, learn, n learn..

Great job Widya!! =)

Once again thanks a lot for ur nice contribution for the company.. Ur contribution is more than what we expected.. Proud having u as a part of our team for this 2 months.. Wish u all the best!!

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Well hi. I duno but I recognized you as my boss who comments this post. Thank you for all. Having BWP as a team for two months was the best moment. I am a proud trainee student ever.


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