November 29, 2012


Two things that make me waiting for today. First is wearing my sweet new dress and the day of my trainee END. Yes baby, it ends! Officially ends!

Actually, I have DPK Class this morning but decided to skip it because I wanna see my trainee office for the last time. Even when its time to farewell, the atmosphere become awkward. Shaking hand and nothing left to say. I admit I was speechless at the moment. Moreover, I enter my best boss, Ibu Irma, seems I'll miss the place I sit and look around people's busy. She is the only one who never angry to me and Uni in any situation and condition. She is nice and she has a good smile.

Time flies, but memories sitting pretty in everybody's mind. I am free again, even today look so awkward but I thank God it's over. Thank you, Bugis Waterpark Adventure (Marketing Team). I'll miss ya! *waving*

One step ahead. Say it out loud! SKRIPSI :)

Complete my day with Tulus - Teman Hidup.

"...Tetaplah bersamaku jadi teman hidupku
Berdua kita hadapi dunia
Kau milikku ku milikmu kita satukan tuju
Bersama arungi derasnya waktu
Bila di depan nanti
Banyak cobaan untuk kisah cinta kita
Jangan cepat menyerah
Kau punya aku, ku punya kamu, selamanya akan begitu.."

Have a nice day peps, muach!


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