October 11, 2012

Run In A Rush

Hi, everyone! How's your thursday ? Me would screaming "watta day!". Well yes today I was soooo busy at my Trainee Office. Okay, let me tell you first. My Trainee Office, Bugis Waterpark Adventure, will held an event called "Music Splash - Get Fun and Wet". This event will be the first and biggest event ever at waterpark. We inviting a special guest star "VIERRA", the most famous young band in Indonesia. So we working on a rush about preparing all things! And for today we handled a press conference at Djuku Restaurant - Wisma Kalla.

I, should have join with Uni team, go distribute event leaflets at schools, clothing shops, restaurants, and many more but for today, we worked separately. After presscon, we (Kak Adwin, Ibu Erni, Kak Yuyun and Kak Elis) went to shirt printing and Hotel Clarrion. Last, we wanna back to office but OMG traffic jam was everywhere and all the team just feel lazy to go back office. The final decision was back home.

Honestly, I start to love this trainee thing. It's my second week, my pretty two boss really talked to me and everything going well. I hope it'll last :)

Our desk view and all the deadline!

Oh by the way, start from next MONDAY I'm gonna use bicycle around campus. It's a new policy made by UNHAS for a Go Green campaign. Well okay at least I have another way to exercise :D

Alright, have a sweet night everyone..
XOXO, Widya..


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