October 01, 2012

Officially Trainee

Day one of my trainee started with a little bit weird moment, HAHA. It was a miss communication made by HRD Officer today. She "push" us, me and Uni, to help her in HRD things with a very long "I personally think that you both bla bla" whereas we supposed to be placed on the PRO Departement.  I really didn't like her statement. She kept put us into her experience and thought that we didn't know anything. "Oh Mam, no one really could be look a like. We have our own goal. You are you, not us". I whispered.

She talked and talked, yet we stick out with our trainee goal until she gave up! She finally took us to "this is the person we need" and left us with bad smiley. Sorry, mam but we got what we looking for :)

I know it's bad to speak about someone, but a lesson learned from HRD Officer's story is "Don't regret your life". Everyone who wants to be an A, could really be an A. How ? Design a goal from the beginning. Step by step, through it slowly, enjoy, grab all the chances and take it as experience. Then when you arrive at your goal, you'll smile very big and say "I am today, are what I design myself".

I do doing it too. I hope I could get through my part in a good way :')


Well then we already went around "The small nice office", the way I called it, meet and become acquainted with the other marketing officer. They are very fun! I hope I will enjoy everything two months ahead.

Take a look the view from office window. Full of happiness place :*

Bugis Water Park 
Photo from Google
Tommorow will be better. I think I should re-read the Company Profile. Have a nice night, everyone!

**Anyway, I feel soooo happy when my boyfriend get over protective in a right time. I love Aditia 

Aditia : Adek harus jadi milik kakak! Kakak sayang adek. Kakak cinta adek.
Me : Iya sayang, adek juga :')

XOXO, Widya..


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