October 23, 2012

Never That Easy

For last 3 days, I fallin' to Mika's new song "Celebrate". It sounds so energic as always. I do actually start my day with this song so I come wherever with smile and happy heart.

As today, my 4th weeks at Trainee Office, I'm wearing electric blue shirt and listen to it song all the way. Office looks good, people looks as usual, ordinary greeting and laugh begin our day. Then one life guard suddenly come in to office, he said "there are visitors complaining about bla bla bla and bla". Oh well I think that's no such a big problem.

"What ?! How come?!!" Kak Adwin as MarComm, move immediately to solve it. But wait, he's not face it alone. "Widya and Uni, come with me!", he comand. And so, the final decision was this : as a trainee students, we both have to take care of this problem. "Go talk to them, explained about the situation here, say sorry and introduce your self and don't forget to shake his hand and..". Oh well "Can't we just go now ?".

It was a hotty morning and we should look good to visitors. After a very long standing under the brightest sun, then the result is ? We scolded soundly! Yeay! Oh God! Shocked!

That was my first experience as a Public Relations Officer, let's say replika of PRO. I was, seriously, really nervous. During those "complaining conversation", all I hear inside my head is a song Superman (Sabrina version). It's -really- no easy to be me -a PRO wanna be-...

My face getting hotter. After that moment, I blame my self for always underestimate to what people do and thought never that easy to be a good PRO. Or another officer. Lesson learned : don't ever think that people's job is easy, try to always giving a great apreciated to a great work of them.

Today, I got the picture about my future job. This is, perhaps, only the begining. Next, might be harder than this and I really thanked God for today. Allah is always good director :')

By the way here some picture of me and Uni today using webcametoy!

Good night!


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