October 09, 2012

Broken Hurt

Picture by weheartit
As I grow up, I finally knew the reasons why adults look frowned and got mad to a little things. It's because too much reality doesn't seems like what we imagined of when we younger. The problems are hard to controled, they come one by one. They even come together, sometimes. 

Life getting sucks. 

The oldest will always think that they right, they won't care of what you said. They don't want to open their heart to understand. They won't give you a space to speak. It's getting more complicated when you have to face it yourself. 

To be honest, I never told to people about how I often get hurt to have a diffrent point of view . Well, I personally think I am an alien inside this "room". I never expect to communicate with them will be this hard. 

Life. It never always seems like "she is fine and happy and she laugh and no cry". No. Deep inside a smile of "I'm fine", there's always a feeling of loneliness. You won't wanna know how it feels. It hurt. 

I hate that I even can't explain to you. 

It's been a year. I am really sure to leave this "room" as soon. There's something doesn't belong here. My heart.

One more night crying. I'm broken and hurt. Would you come, fix and save me ? Because I'm afraid you give up trying and say goodbye.



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