September 14, 2012

Love Is Positive

I always try to figure out what was exactly people feel about what they worked or did. How they enjoy and stay on that work and just do it day by day ? How they know they love what they did ? Those questions keep round and round my mind.

At one moment I told my self, "Well dear, you never know if you never try". I follow it, run in anything stuff, like or dislike, I just make it done. Until at some point, I couldn't stop smile, enjoy every "tik tok" and admiring people's tired face.

Time has answered it all. "Love what you do and do what you love". I couldn't agree more. Love. We could not describe it enough yet we could feel it. Love is positive, love is magic, love is a strong power, love is energy from heaven.

You know you love what you do when that thing, amazing-ly, make you happy even at your most exhausted day. You had no idea why, but you kept run in it and enjoyed and your heart breathe free.

At last I know how it feels and stop questioning and I finally meet my true self.

Thank you for stop by and read my random post.
Goodnight :*
XOXO, WIdya..


iQko said...

Time has answered it all. "Love what you do and do what you love"

Someday you'll find the reality bites. Just prepare for that day dear.

Widya Triayuastuti said...

I hope I could face it :)

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