August 26, 2012

She Turns 13

Happy birthday..happy birthday..happy birthday Dindaaaaa! I sing and I gift it to my youngest cousin, she turns 13, she teenage now! I can't believe yet she's going on this age so fast, oh dear.

Last night I was too tired to post about her birthday party. She treats us to play on theme park Trans Studio. Me went with my others close cousins. I was the oldest one -_-''

We played till drop. Tried over all the rides games once, twice, to wamble but fun. I was in very excited about this because soon our holliday will be end then why not enjoy, right ?

And anyway I tried the new game called "Side Winder". Try it and you will know how your life depended on one game :p

Last, I wanna write my birthday wishes to her. Dear Dinda, I wish you a blast 13, may Allah always bless you, grown beautiful and good luck! KISS!!

Time flies so fast, it never wait for the one who just sit down waiting for miracle make their dreams come true. So GO CATCH IT !

Have a beautiful sunday everyone!
Xoxo, Widya..


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