August 23, 2012

Radar Neptunus

I just done watching Perahu Kertas, yeaaaay! Feel so good because that was a treats from my aunty and my loveable cousin :*

You know Perahu Kertas ? Well, let me tell you a bit. This film based on a novel of the same title. Story about Kugy, a cute tiny girl, a castle-builder, with messy look who love to write especially fairy-tale. She fall for Keenan, a smart, artistic and full of surprises boy. He likes painting.
They like each other but then never tell to anyone about how they feel. So many things going on year to year,  they separated and life with their own story. But one day destiny reunited them again through "Radar Neptunus" and make them together.

Well yeah I know we can simply call it a love story, but it doesn't like any other love story. I mean this one is unique, in case it have a strong story and a strong caracters, each caracter.

I love the film although people said "it wasn't like how novel says" bacause for me that's the point. When we make a film adaptation from novel and it isn't represent a hundred percent like novel, even showed differntly, it means the film was sucsessfully made. I say once again, the point is, the story doesn't lose the true meaning. 

The basic of film and novel isn't same. We know film basicly from an audio-visual thing, but novel basicly to make a mind theather. So, how they presenting some conditions will never same. In my opinion :)
Well hahaha it's funny, I got that thought from my senior and I feel it and I told you, darling :D

Speaking about the film Perahu Kertas, I was really really love its visual. I mean the pictures was clear, focuse, and good, the colour was just as good. The move of the scene to scene was very good timing and looks indie style. I never imagine about this movie could be made like this. So young and, once again, so indie. It was not like Hanung Bramantyo's another film. I bet he use DSLR camera. Oh c'mon it was imposible :p I love the music, all the soundtrack was easy listening, I love the backsound and all. I love the artist! I love Maudy Ayunda as Kugy. I love Nonie also, Kugi's best friend. I love it like thousand time :)

Okay, now it's your turn guys to read the novel and watch its film :)

Perahu Kertas novel cover (add by Google)
Perahu Kertas film poster (add by Google)
Keenan's Painting on film (add by Google)
Teaser Perahu Kertas

Anyway I was wore Mama Meike's present today, and becoming my top fav shirt!

 Oh and I was met my new dream glasses from Levi's collection!

Happiness closed by very long video chating with this man. I never talk this much like today. I love him :*

Thank you for reading! I love you guys! You are awsome!
Xoxo. WIDYA.


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