August 16, 2012

Mr.Pocky and Ms.Cimory In A Weirdo Day

Is anybody ever got "weird" ? For me, it was happened all day, yesterdaay. Godness! It's too weird seems like I wasn't at my real life in late 6 hours.

So, I was at my way to campus by pete-pete* listening to my playlist along way. There's nothing gone wrong at first, then none realized it but a women, sat in fron of me. She told me that there's a guy followed me and tried to reach my face like he knows me. "Cewek, cewek. Itu liat ada cowok yang ngikutin. Dari tadi ngeliatin terus". I just didn't believe at her. Then I looked back, found a chubby young guy, wearing big frame glasses, a denim shirt and his face smiled. Weirdo! I never been known him wherever, even seeing him anywhere. So I frowned and he stop his motorcycle and waved at me. I kept thinking about it a moment, and didn't find any clue.

I kept listening to my playlist while repeat that moment in my head until the driver ask me where to stop. "Kiri di depan Baruga, Pak", I answer him. I walked inside, heading to coridor. I heard someone shouted a girl's name in front of me. I look at him. He smiled. I frowned again try to recognize his face, but once again I have no idea about him. He waved, turn back and walked away. What a weirdo moment!

I told Aditia. There's only two options. Maybe my face is everywhere or maybe they got mistaken of knowing their friend looks. He said the first is the most possible hahaha -_-"

Well I never run into thing like this before but laughing at my self make me happy :p

Back home with 3 Ms.Cimory yoghurt drinks home and Mr.Pockys for my midnight snacks last day and enjoyed video "kepo" call with Aditia. But I got Aditia's warning! He said "No snacks before bedtime, that's a very bad habbit for your health, Honey". He just too sweet and care, love love love him :*

Good night! :*


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