August 11, 2012


And now I'm wordless. I can't describe how my heart beats fast and feel so tight like hard to breath. It is always hard to be one left away than leaving. Admit it, darling ? KKN was over, today. I'm leaving and that's sad. Kiss my home goodbye, my new home at Pinrang.
I never imagine about this situation that become so hard in the end. That hugs and that waves accompany eyes away from a quite place and those people I called fams.

I know I could be there whereever I want, back enjoying all things there but it'll never be the same. KKN will never coming back at second time.

I still try to find the right words to telling what I've done. With ten new homemates with all the empty chats day to day, nothing but fun. I miss it already. Waking up around my two roommates. Now I'm sleeping alone. The time when we wait for the bathroom turn. All the songs we played 'till midnight. Laughed and cried. Fighted then smile again. Those sounds of Rubiks. Sigh.

I try again. I failed become a good storyteller. These memory stronger than I could write and realized that life must go on. Back to reality. Because time running like crazy runner, and all we can do just make it better each day.

I thanked Allah for this opportunity. For this KKN once in life, For today, For everything. Alhamdulillah.

I'm leaving but memorized all still. I love you Aluppang's Fams.

Rest of all. WIth this Man, what else ?

Good mid night!


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