August 28, 2012

I Love Monday

Yes, surely I love Monday baby! Back to every activity and finally hearing my CUREmates's laughed and screamed was a gift. My holidays for this semester was not really much because most of it I used for KKN. Eid holidays did not seem like it used to too, there was only a few of our family lived here at Makassar so we are not so stay in touch. Then back to campus is the most wait moment, for me :)

Coincides with today, there was an event called "Penerimaan dan Pembinaan Mahasiswa Baru". It was an introducing ceremony for the new grandstudent at my university. As a member of Liga Film Mahasiswa Unhas, the one of  an extracurricular unit (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa), we made an exhibition and display for our works. Selling the LFM to the new grandstudents was fun :D

The happiest thing about today is all the stuffs from my CUREmates trip. Gina and Meike, thank you darlings for the gifts, you are the gitf itself. Love you :* :*

And so, I can't explained how happy I am today with all those laughs from Aditia and his family. Warming my heart deep inside. I love them :')

Alhamdulillah ya Allah for everything, I am very gratefull and fell bless.

Thank you for reading, see you around!
Xoxox, Widya..


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