July 19, 2012

Back For A While

Helloooooooo dear, such a looong time and finally I'm back to town! Well, actually me and my KKN's place had much great experience with 10 kind person in it that make me still missing to coming back.

But I need to be here in town for some reasons. First, I was attending my KOSMIK Tudang Sipulung 23th "Birthday Party". I really miss my CURE09 for sure, great time with them today and all kosmikers :')

Second, I'm going to get anti-Cervical Cancer injection and daily healthy check-up. The last, I wanna take my first fast here with my family.

Well then, Marhaban Ya Ramadhan, Minal Aidin Walfa Idzin for everyone who celebrate fasting month.

See you very soon :*

Xoxo, Widya..


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