June 18, 2012

A Very Soon Time

A very soon time, the atmosphere would be different. I will no longer sitting next to my laptop, writing blog for one more month. A very soon time, I will set my foot on the other ground, far away from here. A very soon time, I will do my responsibility as a grandstudent. A very soon time, I will longing for my stuff. A very soon time, I will crying because I get homesick. And at this very recent time, I miss my Mama and Papa. I miss Aditia. I miss my lil niece. I miss CURE's screaming!

For long time, espesially CURE, we will not able to meet. I miss you already guys. I hope we can make this KKN! Back home safely and stay healty, sharing so much stories, back in laugh and scream. I miss that moment.

As time goes by, I realize we had grown by this together with love. But now we are in a new phase of life, we have to face it. Then soon we will be a better person. Although this time, it's hard to be appart with you. 

See y'all very soon! I kiss you good bye :'(

Why this KKN become so sad, huh ? 



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