June 15, 2012

Out of Reach

Hello ! How's life everyone ? I'm back in about to write my "good bye" speech for a while.

Well, I am kinda will be out of reach soon for about one month or more. I'm going to KKN !! KKN is Kuliah Kerja Nikah. No! It's Kapan Kita Nikah ? Okay, enough! Just a kidding.

KKN is Kuliah Kerja Nyata. It is a project from university that requiring every student to work with citizen and applied what students already learned at class. About the story of how KKN been an important project is long to tell so just skip.

Time flies so fast, I am now at the "galauest" semester of study. well actually before Skripsi of course. I know you already knew because spaming about KKN is everywhere on Facebook and Twitter hahaha I am sorry for that :p

And because there will be no internet acsess from my location and since my phone no longer BB, I will be miss blogging and you all. Hope you so :')

Okay, I don't wanna make this post be too sad, so hope that I will be back in city to tell you about how's my KKN. Back with a happy ending story of KKN! Best luck for me!

Leave you on June, 19th! I am ready for Mattirobulu, Pinrang!

The rest of all, ALLAH SWT with KKN Gelombang 82's Participants. 

Anyway, did I mentioned Aditia ? I miss him so bad..

Time to call him. I'll see you soon! *smooch*


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