May 31, 2012

The Longest Night

It's morning already and I can't even fall asleep after tired to try to close my eyes and dream. Anyway I'm feeling so happy right now. Aditia just told me about he already changed his room for two. How sweet  :')

By the way I just finished making something. Cutes! And feel free to take a look bellow, I called it "I Kiss You In Silhouette" :)

 I make it from the original photo taken by Rizki Amaliah a.k.a Amhel gundu'. With an extra editing xD

Here's another photos taken a few days ago, when me and my group shooting for PSA "Stop Cyberbullying". I picturing my self with DIE90. It's been a long time I'm not playing around with him, so all of these pictures said that I love him very much.

About my PSA, I mean our group PSA, is now on editing desk. So be ready for it soon!

Well, I actually have to go bed now. See you all :*


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