May 20, 2012


I have been so busy lately, all the suckest things about assignments ruin my long weekend being END sooner.

Well, I miss my Aditia, it's been 3 month we don't meet. My love for him without condition. But I have to admit there is a reason why I feel comfort beside him. Aditia is an open minded person. I could talked a lot of things right to him.

He, in anytime, said something that I never think about it before but true and make me fallin' the way he shared.

Just like this afternoon, we talked about "problem" that happened in life. In my humble opinion, life without problem isn't a "life". Allah created human not to sit all day without something to do. Even pray is a "work".

Today's lesson is when you get stuck with problem, you have two options. To concern or to ignore. When you choose to concern, please make sure the problem worth to be solved. Yet, when you choose to ignore it, please make sure that the poblem is only about haters. Who want to think about haters ? Me not.

The rest of all, whatever your problem, don't forget to HUG. It's sure can make us calm, relaxed, and feeling better.

Well, problem makes us growing. It makes life "life" :)

Happy welcoming MONDAY! Assignments waiting.


p.s : inspired by all kind of "keluhan" tweets, including mine.


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