April 01, 2012

Love Sign

A few days lately, I put much photos on my BBM display picture. Then...

A : Adek, gak sayang kakak lagi yah ?
W : Sayang, kok yang. Kenapa ?
A : Ah bohong. Buktinya adek gak pernah masang foto kita berdua lagi.
W : Iiiih tapi sayang adek lebih dari foto-foto sayang..
A : Bohong ah bohong..
W : Manjaaaa -_____________-"

After this silly conversation. I finally made a love sign for him.

And surprisingly, he answered it also with love sign plus his sweety baby face. Soooooo touched and happy to the bit :')

Our picture says everything and my love for you more than anything.

I love you, Aditia..


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