April 13, 2012

Bed Rest

Just back from the hospital about 5 days ago. I got typhoid and have to take bed rest for two weeks. So sadly that I can't go to campus. Well, I'm totally longing for all my business, my friends, campus, and my film project for sure.

All the people said I got sick because I'm so into my business, and haven't rest as much as I should. Well, yeah I admit that I was pushed my self too much in worked.

That I love my life, no one could hold me back to stop doing all this things. I have a big passion for do whatever I love. Do I need this to be a reason ? No, Widya ! In the end, that's not the good reason for me not to keep myself be healty.

Got sick was the worse feeling in life. All you can do just lay on bed and do nothing. What a bored one, right ? I felt this.

Being healty is so expensive. Do not ever push yourself too much to out of the limit. Keep the rest to enjoy the beautiful things in live, like watching movie for example. Bioskop mana bioskop ??!!!

Note to self ! Note to you too guys.

Over all, I really wish me get better next Monday. I can't help my self back to where my live is ! KULIAH and his friends !! :D

Oh well, anyway I finally accepted Aditia's Twitter account. HAHAHA it's kinda weird that he playing Twitter where I put every "galau" things uncensored. Phhhfffiiiiuuuuuuhhhhhhh :p

I love him, anyway...

Have a good night and good rest for the good people. Kiss !


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