March 14, 2012

A Short Four Days

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I just landed on my bed now. What a day ! Hello everyone. Long time no write. Oh well, this month I have too much things to do. 7 days work that killing, but still I'm happy. I'll recape all the things that happened on March soon.

Three hours ago, I just drove Aditia to the airport. Yup, He was here for four days take time meet me after did his thing at Manado. A short four days but mean so much. I miss shared everything with him. Laugh, tears, stories, jokes, hugs and all. Unfortunately, this time we have no pictures together but I keep the memories in my mind and my heart.

Dear Aditia, if you read this I wanna tell you that I'm very greatfull to have a person like you. The way you shared, whatever it is, I feel so comfortable and in love for sure. Your are the best !

And about you love to read this blog. I'm so touched hihihi thank you so much baby :')

Well, I gotta sleep now. Morning class waiting !!

Good night, good peoples..

And I love you Aditia Febriansyah <3

"There's no "Goodbyes". All we know is saying "I Love You" each other at the airport. Because we will shortly meet again for sure..." 


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