March 31, 2012

March Things

*enter my blogline while blowing dusts*

Huuuuffh fuuuuuh !

It's been almost a month and so much things I wanna write but have no time. And today, last day of March, as my promise I'll recap the whole things that happened !

Let's begin..


On 3rd March. I was officially inaugurated as Coordinator Kine KIFO KOSMIK. KOSMIK (Korps Mahasiswa Komunikasi) is the organization where I learned a lot of things, especially about movie. Where I found my new family. I did mention them in every dream I already reached. Then it's cruel if I ignored to be a part of them. I owe so much things to KOSMIK. So, here I am, shared what I had. Bismillah..

Live Interview on Fajar TV

Emoti(c)on live on Fajar TV. It was our first calling for local TV channel interview. The Dreamer completely there with me. But the sad part was I miss the whole part of Emoti(c)on. My cast, Sadiq, Lara, Atifah, Zulkifli, and especially Iccang, TK Negeri Pembina, they should be there with us. I miss you kids. I really do. 

Kine's Program

After the inauguration day, we have to explaining our program during year term 2012-2013 in front of Warga KOSMIK. Here's some of mine (in Bahasa) :

1. Indie Movie Class
2. Follow Up IMC : Pembuatan Film - Fiksi atau Dokumenter
3. Screening Film 
4. Pembuatan Iklan Layanan Masyarakat
5. Celebes Movie Camp bekerjasama dengan IMIKI (Ikatan Mahasiswa Ilmu
    Komunikasi Indonesia) Wilayah V

Well, so much to do. Fight !

A New Bussiness

I officially reselling Crocs Shoes. A small kind of bussiness I just started this month. Learned a bit about how selling product. Because I've a dream about owning a shoesline or a shop kind of fashion things, beside being a wife and a mom one day. Amin Ya Allah :')

Four Days of Surprises 

As what I wrote on my previous post. Aditia was at Makassar for four days. Not too short for a huge of surprise he had been brought here.

Do you ever imagined, your boyfriend become a famous man in almost all your friends at Campus ? What Aditia did ? Guess, he enter my Intercultural Communication class and explaining about one riset where he was being a part, in front of whole students at class. Stunning ! Whole class hypnotized by him. Then he became everyone's talks more than a week, both my friends and Bu Tuti for sure - my Intercultural Communication's Lecturer. Well, Aditia, now you are Ibu Tuti's best student !

What a blushing day ever ! Lols :p

Demonstrator's Act

Indonesia, now is volatile because the government wants to raise fuel prices. Students Throughout Indonesia opposed the policy. The demonstrators did an act, long march from Gate One of Universitas Hasanuddin and end up at fly over Urip Sumihardjo. Became a part of demonstrator make me feel i was a grandstudent completely. Down streets in peaceful protest to defend the people.

I wasn't plan it before. But I trapped and then why not I walked with  the demonstrator and shout pro peoples. We, the grandstudent, should do this ! That's our duty, being a social control.

But I only wanna standing on the side of peoples with "no violent act". HIDUP MAHASISWA !!
Hari Film Nasional 2012

Yesterday. 30th March was the 62nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Film called Hari Film Nasional. Me and some people of the team held a Movie Screening and Discuss. We watched "Tanah Air Beta" film together and discussed it. We also play our one week "Video Testimoni" project about Film Indonesia. Directed by Ms. Pucuk ! Upay, and good team : Abo, Taher, Diah, and Amal. Good job !

Not too late to say SELAMAT HARI FILM NASIONAL. I wish a bright future for Indonesia's Film ! 

Galih Dwi Perkasa's Birthday 

And today is my brother birthday ! He turns 22 years old now. Let's wish him a happy birthday, stay health, stay handsome, and graduated very soon ! Love you :)

I am ready for April issue ! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :')

Thank you for reading everyone. Happy saturday romance ! *pacar mana pacaaaarrr ??* 


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