February 20, 2012

Watch and Learn

I love writing my blog post in english, lately. I don't know why, but I'm feeling it just such a habbit. Forget about the good phrase and correct grammer, my hand typing away word by word free. 

Well, I'm everyday trying my self to improve it.

By the way. Today I really give my huge thank's to all audience who take time attended the first Bioskop Kampus, a program arranged by Liga Film Mahasiswa Universitas Hasanuddin. This year, will be the time where we going to held Bioskop Kampus for all over faculty at Hasanuddin University.

Bioskop Kampus Poster Design by Abo
New Brand
We feel so much happy, seeing people come, watch, and learn as their appreciation for all movie produced by Makassar's indie grandstudent.

Around Uya and Meike
Titah and Erbon
Another best "ciba" friends with Gina, Chiko and Uya
Me as MC
Head of Liga Film Mahasiswa Unhas, Fahmi Iskandar
The appreciaters
Opening Ceremony by WR III Unhas, Bapak Nasaruddin Salam.

The "behind the scene" crew of LFM UH
Next month, Insya Allah Biokop Kampus will set up the 2nd Movie Screening. Wait us present on your faculty.

More info please follow @BioskopKampusUH or @LFM_Unhas

See you around everyone..

A : Dek, tidak akan ada orang yang memberontak aturan yang keras. Tapi orang-orang memberontak untuk aturan yang tidak adil.
W : Hmmm..
A : Adek ini terlalu polos. Mereka nggak adil !
W : .....
A : Tidur yuk, kakak bete jadinya. Yaudah yah..
W : Iyaudah. Daddah..


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