February 10, 2012

No Longer White

This post is for you who keep questioning about my White Glasses *grin*

Well, I don't know but I'm going too sad to tell you this story. But yes, I've already changed my glasses into another one as you saw at my earlier post. 

I know you'll asking me out loud like "WHY WIDYA ? WHY ?".

Calmdown, people ! I've changed my glasses because the white was broken. Since a year ago the white broke on its frame. But I don't care, I keep using it because I love it much . Another reason why I don't want to change the white because it's already as my identity. Much people knew me by the white. So do this blog, isn't it ?

The White - Levi's Lady Style
Untill one day, Aditia said that the white one was already "out of date", bad and ugly. So, I should buy a new one as soon. He was right, then.

After that "sigh" conversation about the white, Aditia bought me two new glasses as he was touched down Bandung and sent it a week later. Look what he wrote down on the envelope.* 

They were Levi's Lady Style and Porsche Design as my new favorite and here we go :

Aditia's Package
Porsche Design
I love the white and I'll keep it always in the sweet place with last 4 years memory we got through together. And eventhough I've already using another glasses, but still I'm a White Glasses Girl as people knew.

1st Semester
2nd Semester 
3rd Semester
4th Semester
5th Semester
6th Semester

A : Neng, boleh kenalan nggak ?
W : Boleh dong, Kang.
A : Neng, namanya siapa ?
W : Widya. Akang siapa namanya ?
A : Panggilannya Ipul, Neng.
W : Lengkapnya ?
A : Yu are so byutipul..
W : Ooouch !

A : Neng, kenalan lagi dong. Boleh ?
W : Iya deh boleh. Siapa namanya, Kang ?
A : Dipanngil Somad aja, Neng.
W : Lengkapnya ?
A : I lop yu somad, Neng..
W : Suka sama somad ? -_-"

So long and have a sweet dream :)

p.s : *YtC : Yang terCinta


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