February 09, 2012

Dear People

Today, I will just post something about humanity that we can look around us everyday..

Do you all know about Leprosy ? It is a kind of deseas that caused by bacterium Mycobacterium leprae infected. Leprosy makes patients have a permanent disability. But if they cured by handling proper, this deseas will not be transmitted to anyone else. 

So people, don't ever make a discrimination to the patinet who have recovered. They have the same right as us to be respect each other.

Anyway, talking about Leprosy. Me and some friends just about completed make a Public Service  Announcement (PSA) last month to support the movement of  "Discrimination is a foolishness". This PSA in association with and supported by Nippon Foundation and Permanata. Produced by School For Broadcating Media.

This PSA was just a kind of our little attention for Leprosy's patient (Lepers). Event this one is away from perfectness, but we working hard and do our best. That we hope this PSA can open people mind and aware about this cause.

Enjoying our PSA here !

Thank you for THE TEAM :)

Producer : Muhammad Ridwan
Direct by : Widya Triayuastuti
Script Writer : Irwanto Hamid
Editor : Muhammad Taufan
Camera Person : Kudratullah

And thank you for reading everyoneeee. Have a good night 

p.s : watch another PSA from Makassar, Jakarta, Medan, Banjarmasin, and Surabaya [here]
p.s.s : learn more about Leprosy via Wikipedia [here]


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