February 14, 2012


Today, let me sharing some things about what everyday I see. Well, yeah I enjoy my "room sweet room" too much lately. Pray everyday, full with new books, write a blog post, draw on my notebook, take a photo with DIE90 and edit some, chit chat on phone, laugh a lot with Aditia, and dream all sweet things.

The only box I am feeling safely forever.

Take a time to look what inside, as far as my eyes can see :

New stickers. I love collecting them  !
Books for this semester. 
Dress up my phone.
Toraja's necklace
ID Cards
A gift for myself
Favorite corner
A Happy Chyna. My half life laptop
Room's red sky
Another stuffs
Films things
Then now, you know where to find me out :)

A : Happy Valentine, sayang..
W : Emang kita ngerayain ?
A : Yaudah, kakak pengen aja bilang Happy Valentine..
W : Kalo gitu bunganya mana ?
A : Muaach aja deh..
W : Hah pasti bunganya udah habis di borong Marwan.
A : Ah, dek kakak nggak ngerti.
W : -___________-"


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