January 04, 2012

My Sweetest New Year

Hello 2012 ! It's my first post this year.

I'm in very happy mood beacuse I got surprise at the end of 2011 and bunch of sweetest moment in 2012.

Surprise came from Aditia, my everything man, that decided to celebrating his new year in Makassar with me. Then we spent 5 meaningful days together.

We really enjoy our last day in 2011. We walk, play, laugh, talk, a full day. Went to beach, dancing under the rain, seafood hunter and telling we love each other. 

We through New Year's Eve by watched a film from his favorite detective novel "Sherlock Holmes" and tried to look on fireworks inside a very dark car.

The next 4 days, we spend more by sharing stories and eating seafood. He likes seafood very much :)

This morning, Aditia already went back to Jakarta-Bandung for work. While me ? I miss him. I need a little bit more patient for next month, he will visiting me back after work at Menado. I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT :')

Oh btw, yesterday i got interview via phone by FAJAR Newspaper about my film Emoti(c)on. It's been print today ! Mostly copied from my post on this blog -_-"

Yet, I have no resolution for 2012. I only could wish the best and GOD BLESS :*
Overall. I really happy and I really LOVE my Aditia Febriansyah :)

I know it's kinda late but still HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEE !!

p.s : all of my pict taken by Aditia, he's my fav photographlover hihi :*



happy new year for you toooo..
Good luck for your relationship, hihihi


Widya Triayuastuti said...

Thank youuuuuuu !!


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