December 06, 2011

Off To Jakarta

Hi everyoneeee ! Long time no see since my last post. I'm just back from my days off to Jakarta. Did you all remember my Emoti(c)on ? Yes, it win the big 20 of Good Day Schoolicious Movie Competition and took me and The Dreamer to Jakarta.

Even me and The Dreamer, we, didn't win the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winner, favteam and the big six but we already happy. It was our newest experience never forget. We make it as the first step to be "something" in future :')

We are so thank our only God, Allah SWT, for all this blessed. our parents for everythings, My super team "The Dreamer", LFM Unhas, and our big thank's especially for you all. Your support and all the prayers, means a lot for us.

Last, for my man Aditia Febriansyah. You are my everything that I already knew I can count on. 

Me in the middle of Men :)

Big 20 Finalist

The only girl :)

Look !

He is from LFM ITB Bandung

Congratulations !



With Dennis Adiswara

Mymy and Dennis Adiswara

"Good Luck"

Congratulation Re-Build !

With 3rd Winner, Re-Build, Our Fav !

Sudirman Park Appartement Tower A from 41st Floor

My voice :D *thankieeee Mymy*

Kiss bye :*



tjuandha said...

I Like the big picture of Emoti(c)on concept. CONGRATULATION and nice find your blog :D, tahun depan harus menang!

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Bunch of thank's untuk supportnya :)

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