November 12, 2011

Alhamdulillah, I Have Them

        I thank Allah SWT in every bless that sent to me. 
        How can I keep standing here, fighting for every dream I have, If i do not have my family ? Their support was a powerfull strenght.
        How can I keep growing high when some people made me fall and broke, if i do not have my friends. Their cheers is everything. 
        When the only thing i can do is crying, in the middle of life problem that suck and bad. How can I keep smiling and laughing, if I do not have Aditia Febriansyah. He is the spirit of my happiness.
        And all the prayers, comes from everywhere, are something that can not described. Feels like a magic, they make me alive ! I can count how lucky I am. 
With all the humility, I dedicate my effort. Then someday, I want you saying a proudness because you have me. 


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