July 10, 2011

Part 1. Jogja - My Favorite

It's been a week since me and #CURE09 back from our unforgetable Media Studies  2011. So fuuuuuuuuuun and gooooooood, words couldn't describe all of our experiences.

Anyway sorry for not posting as soon as i'm home, it's because i didn't hand photo files. Today i've just finished collect all files from 9 cameras.

Let's start from my first favorite. It will be my long post and full of pictures. Enjoy, Jogja :)

We only had two days on Jogja. It was because our flight delay untill 10 p.m. We had to wait at airport for almost 8 hours. Crazy waiting made us soooo hardly frustrated.

Day one. We landed via Surabaya about 1 a.m. then heading to Jogja by travel for 7 hours. Died !

But for last hours, i really enjoy talked to someone (i forgot his name). He was nice and friendly. We chat about my collage and our trip, about how long we took for arrived at Jogja and bla bla bla. I had crush on him, sweet boy hahaha. But at the end after he said "Mari, Mbak. Saya duluan yah", i saw around the place he stopped by. That was in front of Curch. At that moment, i cancel to had crush and showed annoying face -_-"

Finally, we finished found our house where we live during at Jogja, called Pondok Keluarga Talenta IV. Welcoming by Senior KKU (Keluarga Komunikasi Unhas). Warm, feels like home :)

In Jogja we used our days for fun and enjoying beautiful views. Because we only had two days free before going to Jakarta that fully schedule. And we decided to visit Borobudur Temple and Parangtritis Beach.

Bytheway, there is a silly tradition in Borobudur Temple. People said if we can hold the foot statue means we'll get lucky, get a mate, and being successful in life. But unfortunately, we can not climb up on top of the temple. It was in the state restored after the earthquake, so passing is prohibited.

When on our way to Parangtritis Beach, we stop off and had lunch at R.M Jejamuran. It was an unique palce to eat. All of their menu about mushrooms. Yummy !

Ending firstday with bored because we couldn't see sunset at Parangtritis Beach. We late one hour. HUFT !

Time to dinner, we invited to R.M Raminten by KKU (Keluarga Komunikasi Unhas) Jogja. I love the palce, so cozy and close to students heart. The best part was we ate much, but we paid less :D

Day two. We were went to UIN Sunan Kalijaga Jogja. Met and shared with communication students. We also went around their campus. I love their canteen, it sells froyo. Enough to make me wanna move there :9

I hate this part actually, it means this was our last day at Jogja. After our visited, we had lunch at R.M Pohon, invited by KKU *again*. The palce was soooo beautiful view to eat. Naturaly diffrent :)

We really had so much fun and enjoy Jogja. The views, the peoples, the eats and all. We wanna back as soon. Yes, we really wanted to :)

But before we sit on train for 12 hours to Jakarta, the moment we waiting for long as we at Jogja was shopping. Malioboro hunter in act !

Me and Titah, we both, walked separated from group. We were looking for Dagadu's Shop and riding Becak. And we had a little tour around the city before finished at train station.

Well, Jogja. We couldn't enough just to remembering how we had so much happy time there. See you soon. Very soon as we wanted. Thank youuuu so much :*

*p.s : all pictures was from 9 cameras (DIE90, Ireng, Cungcung, Putri, Denon, Memo, Rina's, Bogar, Carles). Trims guys :D


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