July 10, 2011

New Sister

This is my second post today haha, because so much to tell. I'm falling for write blog :)

Well anyway, this afternoon me and all big family went to Trans Studio Mall. We spent quality family time together. Mama, Papa, Nenek, Kak Winy and Putri. And the best part was Mama and Papa invited my brother Galih's love, Kak Kiky as our new family :)
We had dinner at Pizza Hut and shared laugh and story. Happy to have you there Kak Kiky, welcome !

We want you a long lasting relationship. Can't wait to help you arrange the wedding plans together hihi :D

Alhamdulillah, thank you today ! :*


Kiky said...

I'm flattered anyway, baby.. :">
thanks for being my new sister also :*
oh well, can't wait to arrange my wedding plan together.. hope you can be my beautiful bridesmaid :D

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Yuhuuuuu as soon as possible yah Kak. I wanna be your prety bridesmaid *can't wait" :D

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