June 03, 2011

Sweet Escape

Hello again ! Hmm firstly, i wanna say sorry to Pute (Putra, BCOP's chairman) because i was late and then escape to somewhere. I promise this is the last during BCOP :p

And now i'm gonna tell you all about my sweet escape with my girls Tiara and Duped this day. It was planned from two days ago. I told them about secret place, and they were very excited to go there. So we made meeting point at Halte Baruga today and escape to there as soon. 

We enjoy our way to the secret place via boat. Good day with super bright sunshine and smooth wind, sucess made us calm in our mind ourselves. Slow slow. 
We talked, we shared, we laugh, we staring, we feel, we thought, we found the sweetest escape.

Yes finaly our boat pulled safety. After take a time for drink and "jajan", we start went around the secret place. First place we visited was Nipon Bunker (beacuse this is the main mission we went to this place) :p.
I mostly taken some picture with my beloved #DIE90 while, as always, Tiara did something silly. She entered the Bunker then fall down when she want to climb up out. I have it video, very funny then we laugh out so loud :D

I couldn't say more, it was so much fun with my girls. We didn't find name for this secret place yet,  but we already made a promise not to told anyone about this place. NOONE. 

Alhamdulillah. Thank Allah SWT for everythings. This week being soooo unpredictable for me. Week of joy, full with new experience and everythings that suprised me the way it is. Oh i'm so welcoming JUNE !! I can't wait for next week in Jogja and Jakarta :D

Here's what #DIE90 found, the pictures told everythings :

Bunch thank's for reading everyoneeee, i'll see you in next post..


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