June 13, 2011

See You on July Makassar

Hi there fellas, tommorow I'll leave Makassar. Destination to Jogja for 5 days and then going to Jakarta until June 30th.  So for next 17 days I - maybe - can't posting anything because so much things to do there. I promise to tell everything when i'm back. I'm so excited for this but ooooh I really gonna miss you Makassar.

Dear Mama and Papa, keep your health well 'till i'm home. Pray for me as well for this Study Tour.

Dear girls Dupet and Tiara (who had come to my home with "ehem" :p), i already miss you girls. Success for the final exams you both, keep your health until we meet again :*

And last for everyoneeeeeee, happy holidaaaaaaaaaayy :DD


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