June 02, 2011

My First Exhibition

Hi there everyoneeee. Today, I was being so excited. About my first exhibition as I said yesterday, with my friends too,  already done ! *wiping forehead*

This afternoon we held the exhibition at Akkarena Beach, Tanjung Bunga, and already there at 3 pm. We gathered in the front yard before entering together with friends. Main exhibition begins at 4 pm after our photo was rated by teachers.

And you all have to know that our exhibition was totally different from others. At usual exhibition, photos was put on beautiful frame and then visitors will take a look around it. But we did the unique one ! We hang two of our best photos, each in front and behind our bodies, and we started  go around the beach showing off our photos to visitors. Our mission was to collect comments from visitors as much as possible to get the reward, high score :p

All the maximal preparation we did, paid off for sure. People there were very enthusiastic to see our own hand shots. I personally, got quite a lot of comments in the form of criticism or advices. One that very touched was from Mr. Budi, an Indonesian that studied in Departement of Communication Sidney, Australia :)

This is my first experience join the exhibition, and I am very pleased. Knew that people appreciated my work, made my day !

And one more, when my parents came to saw me at the exhibition with their big support and pray. Absolutely the sweetest one. I heart you Mama and Papa :*

Here some pictures from exhibition with friends :

Smile Me :)
Exhibitors with Mr. Iqbal Sultan
Take a Pic
Kina, Uni, and Rina
With qaqa Adnan
Another funny pict with Adnan and Kak Imas
My Lil Niece, Putri
Lovely. Mama and Papa :*

Then yes thank's a bunch for reading :)


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