June 09, 2011

June Moments

June ! You are sooooo amazing. I'm totally forgot about one of my score trouble - re-class Psikologi Komunikasi, killing me ! - because of you. Be nice until over please, i can't imagine how in Jogja and Jakarta feels. I smell something very unforgetable moments there *smiling*

And today i wanna say happy birthday blast to both of my #CURE09 sisters Astri Gina Hexana (Gina) And Nurmihailoa Nabiu (Mymy). Wish you all the best in 20th for everythings. Especially for Gina, you look sooo beautifull with Hijab. Keep it right dear :)

Here's what we - #CURE09 - did on Gina and Mymy's birthday party at Orange :

Alhamdulillah and Good nite :)


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