May 11, 2011

A Silly Friend

After my last posting "Paotere", my friend Rina, being so silly about her candid photo taken by me. She was mad at me a litlle but then i found my candid photos from her camera too. And before she doing the same thing, i post it by my self :p
An unimportant post, but i love see my candid face taken by Rina Noviana.

Take a look below :

In silly
Can't wait !
Out of focus

Too serious

Check it !
Tontong Ice Cream

Got photos with them too :D

Me, Atho, and Pute
Pute, Rina, Me and Bapa
Oh god !
Thank you for the attention all and never bored with pict of mine and friends, don't take this post to serious :D


Anonymous said...

setelah liat foto-foto niy..wah si pemlik blog betul2 mirip sama sandrine pinna versi pake kacamata di salah satu filmnya, candy rain..

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Terlalu cantik lah si Sandrine Pinna itu :)

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