May 07, 2011


I had crazy hunting photo with some friends, Rina, Pute, Atho, Bapa and also Cubo, this afternoon.
Here's some result of my own, enjoooooy :)

Berjuang. F : 5. S : 1/2500
Bersama. F : 5,6. S : 1/1000
Sore Yang Biru. F : 8. S : 1/500
Orange. F : 8. S : 1/1000

Sendiri. F : 8. S : 1/1000

And taken pict of them too with backsound "gak gak gak kuat gak kuat dengan playboy playboy" from 7Icons. New idol ?! :D

Silluet of Rina.
Cubo and Atho.
Me. Oh nooooo !
Pute and Rina

Last, about this one. No comment :p

Afternoon Romance.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you all can add comments for my better next time..


predator said...

foto yang terakhirnya donk....

visit juga di sini...

tian kids blog

Muhammad Risman said...

hey kawan...salam kunjungan pagi ini semangat ngeblog....

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Bapa : Hahaha no comment :D
Kak Aris : Salaaaaaam :)

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