May 03, 2011

Jasbog Chitchat

Firstly my big thank’s for Ketua FIGUR 2011, Sakinah. Because of her wallet that lost on Friday and found by engineering student, i finally touched that faculty for first time haha and gave me reason to made time with my besties Tiara and Dupeds.

This post suddenly thought when after lunch, i had chitchat with my besties Tiara and Dupeds. We talked so much about everything as we wanted. Start about our class, cockroach (wawa's story), what we’ve done, man, organitation, fams, and stupid little fight about “who’s the cast of Black Swan” movie.

Tiara   : Keira Knightley was owsome in that movies.
Me      : Agreed. But Keira ? No, she’s Natalie Portman.
Tiara   : No ! Keira Knightley. I know her so well. I’ve casting her as black swan. LOL.
Me      : Natalie Portman. I know who’s Keira (Pride and Pridejudice on my mind). LOL.
Tiara   : Dupeds, who’s the cast of Black Swan ?
Duped : K.K
Tiara   : See ?
Me      : Google it !

Then after a very looooong stupid fighting with them, i won a glass of melon juice :p

See ? They're both different. And for Tiara, about you said that you look like Keira Knightley ? Big wrong ! You are more beautiful smartes one i've ever knew. Honestly :)

And we finally talked about Zooey Deschanel after Dupeds said that she has done watching 500 Days of Summer. About the look of Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry.

They both beautiful and yes close to twins. But i have my own opinion about them. Zooey Deschanel has a awsome act as an actress then Katy Perry has a super voice as a singer. I love them both.

And as per request of my best Tiara that she wanted to see Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry in same frame. Here they are, beautiful inspiring !

See you fellas !


Anonymous said... juga yg kyk gni. sy juga sering berdebat dgn tmn2ku mslh kyk gni..n akhirnya mrka psti slh. klo sy di jasbog psti im on ur side kak..cuz natalie n keira gmpng kok d bdakan..v vor vendettanya natalie. pride n prejudice, domino, atonementnya keira >_>

Widya Triayuastuti said...

Hihi tmn ku wkt itu lagi linglung jadi bgtu mi :P
Btw siapa ini ? Salam kenal, klo boleh sy follow blognya :)

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