February 18, 2011

Because We Are Different

Because we are different
Sometimes I think about
Your ignorance
Our disagreement
About the things that we debated
Even that cann't be debated when I really want to do it

Because we are different
Our world, our environment, and all the things that we live every day
Sometimes I think
How much I longed for a discussion about the things I love and about my world
How much I longed for a discussion about things that you love and about your world

In the end i find the answer
Time is never enough for it
Me and you, yes we both
Haven't enough time to think about the differences
Because we are one now
You know that's all what makes life colorful, rhythmic, and volatile
Difference isn't an excuse to make us not together
One thing erase it all

But sometimes I still think about it


PS ; Trying to make such a poetry inspirated of my ridiculous talked this afetrnoon with girls. And yes, they make me think about it more than they know.
Enjoy my first poetry post everyone !



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