September 18, 2009

I Love Makassar

All day with Titah my best went around Makassar hehe. Started from MP, we had a lunch at Solaria. With taxi we looked for crafts shop Cahaya for I LOVE MAKASSAR t-shirt but unfortunately all sold out. So we decided looked it for again at Somba Opu crafts shop and finnally we got it yaaaaaaaaaay happy :D

Looked for this t-shirt for almost 3 hours and finnally found yay :D

Then we continued to Anjungan Pantai Losari for taken some pict while waiting a sunset. We also bought two ballons for our pict property hehe :p

Accidentally found this one. 

I forgot what was "A" for at this pict Titah ? haha :D


Thanks a bunch for today Titah my best hehe. She will celebrating lebaran at Jakarta and will going to Jakarta tomorrow. I'll miss you best, back soooooon yay :P

p.s : Me and Titah had talked with taxi driver. He knew a lot about politics and told me about politics was. I thought he's so smart, because he said that he was graduated from regional university at South Sulawesi and he also had a wife that graduated from Hasanuddin University (one of the biggest university at east Indonesia  a.k.a my university hehe). This experience made me more belive with maxims said "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover" and has taught me that we could get knowledge by whoever and wherever. Thank you Mr. Bombong :)

Lotta love all ..


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