May 28, 2013

Graduated and 22

Hello everyoneeeeee! Long time no blog. You can't never imagine how I miss my reader, all of you,  anyway. Been in the most hectic months, let me tell you, thesis is the kind of research that never that easy at least for me. It takes all my time and my mind.

Today, I'm walking to my post sheet for special reason. It's my beloved best soul sister birthday. Yeaaaay! So happy for her, she turned 22 and graduated the same year. I'm kinda shocked for sure about her graduated news. She promised me before that she would ask me come to her final exam but she didn't. Mad? I'm not, because she told me about her schedule which came out right before the final day. She has no enough time to prepare but lucky her could through it nicely.

Happy birthday, darling Evi Efrina. I wish everything good come to her lifes, many happy return and never ending blessed, all the joy, all dream will coming true. Amin Ya Rabb.

And so, thank you for being my best friend. The one that I really could enjoy being my self in happiness even sadness. We have been through dramas, stupidity, secrets, experiences, fights, arguments, jealousy, tears and laughter. I love youuuuuuu so so so so so much!

p.s : I don't have your newest photo so enjoy this one :*

XOXO, Widya..

April 27, 2013


There are billion choices in life. Happiness is one of choice which placed in every human hands. If we choose to feel the happiness, we choose everything that follows. We choose to having a good personality, we choose the one we willing to share our love, we choose good and inspiring people to be friends, we choose to be surrounded by lovely people, we choose to laughing more, we choose to forgive and forget mistake and we choose to make life as simple as it should.


I thought not much has changed from me. Physically, I have short and lil bit bushy hair, chubby cheeks, squinty eyes, and almost ideal body. I love captured them because it's beautiful yet simple and innocent. However, people keep told me that I looked brighter and happier. It's so much difference from last 2010. Until one moment I realized it's true. There's plenty time I spent by laughing a lot with friends and surely with Aditia. I am free and happy, seems like no depressed by feelings everytime with them. 


In the end, to feel the happiness is depends on who you are and whom you with. You choose.

I choose to feel the happiness by becoming a better Widya, friends with good friends, and having a  healty relationship with Aditia. I am happy more than I am before.

April 19, 2013

Rainy Day and Corel Draw

This week I spent whole day get lazy at home and sometimes try to finish another part of my thesis. When I get bored I'm watching tv or just go checking my social media acc, but today rain pouring from morning and all I could do just help my Mam packing her bag. Just so you know, when its start to rain my tv and wi-fi conection never work good. So then I open CoreDrawl and start to make this.  Hope you like it and feel free to leave comments :)

Thank you and see you soon.
XOXO, Widya...

April 01, 2013

I Wanna Go Back

March 30, 2013

Quote Of The Day

"A real relationship. Has fight. Has trust. Has tears. Has hurt. Has laughter. Has weird, stupid, unnecessary arguments." - #DamnItsTrue